Cellulite reduction in 1030 Vienna

Cellulite Treatment

For the treatment of cellulite, I use the modern Vela Shape III device. This allows an effective reduction in cellulite.

Vela Shape III combines infrared (IR), bipolar radio frequency (RF) and vacuum and at an energy of 150 watts.
So can a deep, effective heating with a radius of 1-3 cm be achieved and unsightly dimpling and cellulite are treated and reduced.
In addition to the heating of the fat cells the surrounding connective tissue is also heated and thereby leads to a reduction of skin laxity resulting in an improvement in skin texture.

How many treatments are recommended?

To reduce effectively your cellulite, I recommend at least 4 treatments per region in about 1 – week intervals. 1-2 boosters annually ensure the successful results are retained.

Cellulite Reduction mit Vela-shape III - Vienna