Cellulite reduction in 1030 Vienna

Cellulite Treatment

For the treatment of cellulite, I use the modern Vela Shape III device and the innovative Onda coolwaves ® .

Both can be used to effectively reduce cellulite – without any surgery. Onda also effects at the same time

  • a breakdown of local fat deposits and
  • improved skin tightening.

Vela Shape III

Vela Shape III combines infrared (IR), bipolar radio frequency (RF) and vacuum and at an energy of 150 watts.
So can a deep, effective heating with a radius of 1-3 cm be achieved and unsightly dimpling and cellulite are treated and reduced.
In addition to the heating of the fat cells the surrounding connective tissue is also heated and thereby leads to a reduction of skin laxity resulting in an improvement in skin texture.

How many treatments are recommended?

To reduce effectively your cellulite, I recommend at least 4 treatments per region in about 1 – week intervals. 1-2 boosters annually ensure the successful results are retained.

Cellulite Reduction mit Vela-shape III - Vienna


More than just cellulite treatment

Thanks to the new and revolutionary microwave technology Coolwaves ® in aesthetic medicine, 3 solutions are achieved simultaneously in 1 treatment:

  • cellulite is reduced
  • fat cells are selectively destroyed and
  • sagging skin is regenerated.

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