permanente Haarentfernung

Permanent Hair Removal

Thanks to modern equipment, it is now possible to permanently remove annoying hair from almost all parts of the body.Using the latest technology and equipment, a satisfactory result can be achieved even with lighter hair colors. The hair is destroyed by means of high-frequency and light energy at its root, without the surrounding skin being affected.
For hair removal, I use a laser -or an IPL device (advantage for lighter hair!):

  • Laser: Nd YAG Pro U (from Candela)
  • Laser: Diolaze XL
    Fast, modern, painless, powerful – it’s gliding over the area
  • IPL: emax (from Syneron)

With these 3 devices, the right device can be used for every skin type.

How many times is a treatment necessary?

As all hairs are never in the same growth phase, 4 to 8 treatments are needed. The number of treatments depends on skin type, skin color and the area where the hair is to be removed. The treatments are repeated every 4 – 16 weeks. It is therefore advisable to start in good time so that the disturbing hairs are permanently removed before the Summer.

The treatment is safe, gentle on the skin and virtually painless.

For which areas of the body

Dermatologist Dr. Adib Vienna - Laser TreatmentThe permanent hair removal can be used successfully for both women and men . Almost all parts of the body can be cleared of hair.