sanftes Lifting ohne OP - Faden-Lifting

Silhouette Face Lift

Gentle lifting without surgery – immediately visible effect

As part of the normal aging process the skin losses elasticity, facial muscles relax, causing sagging and fat is lost. The result is a three-dimensional process, which covers all structures. The jawline is less sharp , the cheeks sink , hanging jowls become more visible, the mouth pulls down.

The thread lift is a non-surgical method for gently streamlining facial skin, neck and décolleté.
Here absorbable filaments ( polylactic acid ” Silhouette Soft ” or “PDO” Polydiaxanone ) with barbs are introduced under the skin into the underlying tissue through small puncture incisions under local anesthesia, The skin is lifted and tightened.

Silhouette / Thread Face Lift

The effect is based on biostimulation on the one hand and also on tissue support. The threads are absorbable and dissolve after 6 – 8 months. Therefore, the treatment is also very well tolerated .
The visible aesthetic benefits of a Silhouette Face Lift treatment last for a period of 12 to 18 months.

Which regions can be treated?

Basically, the thread-lift can be used for all facial and body parts – a treatment is possible even in sensitive areas of the body: cheeks, upper lip, jawline, neck, decolletage and upper arms. The treated area will be mobilized and secured against the effects of gravity. The treatment allows you to stop the signs of aging in a completely safe way – and one that lasts.

Advantages of Thread-lifting

  • minimally invasive – a simple and gentle process ( no OP or stay hospital )
  • natural look
  • long-lasting effect
  • can be easily combined with fillers and Botox
  • immediately visible lifting effect – minimal downtime
  • minor side effects, no scars

After the treatment

As with many aesthetic treatments, slight swelling, redness or bruising can occur – but this disappears with a few days.