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Spider Veins

Spider veins are small reticulate or fan-shaped arranged vessel extensions that are often seen on the legs. A dermatological referral should take place by means of Doppler examination before starting treatment, since often the cause is a vein disease, which would require a different treatment.
Spider veins can be treated with Sclerotherapy, very fine spider veins can also be made invisible via laser treatment.


In Sclerotherapy an appropriate sclerosing agent ( polidocanol / Macrogollaurylether ) is injected directly into the spider veins. The sclerosant leads to circumscribed distribution in the vascular system via an induced inflammation of the vein walls of the vein, sealing and subsequently by resorption leading to a disappearance of the treated spider veins.

Laser treatment

A laser can be used to treat especially thin vessels, which could not be injected or obliterated by sclerotherapy. The Nd YAG laser used by me ( company Candela ) is very effective and painless and appropriate even for darker skin types.

How many treatment are recommended?

Most often, more than one session is necessary ( by laser and sclerotherapy ) .

After the treatment

In both treatments ( laser and sclerotherapy ) the application area is reddened and visible for several weeks. There is absolute sun avoidance in this period, otherwise danger of hyperpigmentation exists !