Couperose, geplatzte Adern, Rosacea Behandlung


Rosacea is an acne -like disease of the sebaceous glands regions of the face with inflammatory nodules, pustules and enlarged sebaceous glands. Increased facial redness and broken capillaries can be additional features of rosacea. Another colloquially known word for rosacea is “copper rose”.

Rosacea Therapy

The therapy of Rosacea must be custom designed for the patient to ensure a long-term resolution of the problem. In addition to local and tablet therapies I offer as your dermatologist in Vienna

  • medical Peelings and also
  • a modern therapy with Intense Pulsed Light ( IPL ).

Essential for the success of treatment is the protection from intense light and additionally the avoidance of creams and substances that can irritate or damage the delicate skin .


When the fine broken veins are annoying, you can use

  • IPL light treatment

be effectively and selectively heated and obliterated.

I ensure the treatment is gentle on the skin for my patients . By using ultrasonic gel, the skin is moisturized and soothed during treatment .