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Skin Cancer Screening

Skin cancer is unfortunately on the rise. More and more people are diagnosed each year with it. That is why I have made this field one of my main areas of expertise. In this area I regularly attend important congresses, in order to always be up to date with the newest and best treatments to be able to provide the best service to my patients.

Skin cancer initially does not cause pain. It often develops slowly and is therefore not perceived by those affected. This makes it all the more important for regular precautionary checkups and prevention.

In most cases, the UV radiation from the sun is the main cause. Excessive sunlight harms our DNA. This results in unnatural cell growths. The Dermatology distinguishes between the dark and the light skin cancer.

The black skin cancer is also called Melanoma. Here is a degeneration of the so-called melanocytes, the pigment cells of the skin, the cause. This form of skin cancer is very aggressive and can also lead to metastases.
The light skin cancer includes Basal cell carcinoma or Basilioma and the Prickle-cell carcinoma or Spinalioma.

Annual mole examination

The annual check by a dermatologist can significantly reduce the risk of developing skin cancer. Therefore, I offer you a careful screening. When changes in the skin occur, the timely removal of conspicuous birthmarks is of great importance.

Surgical removal of birthmarks / moles

Should the removal of a mole prove to be medically necessary, as a precaution or required because you are already in therapy for malignant changes, I provide outpatient skin surgery and continuous care in accordance with international guidelines.

The removal of aesthetically disturbing birthmarks is only recommended by me and performed when there are no safety issues. It can be effected by a variety of methods. I attach particular importance in this case on a histological examination of the removed lesions.

Treatment and aftercare

In acute cases of skin cancer I advise my patients in treatment and aftercare.