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Medical Dermatology

The secret of healthy skin

The skin is an important and very complex organ. Skin irritation can have a strong negative affect on your general well-being. Therefore, in the field of dermatology, I offer a wide range of services – from the classic allergy treatment via blemishes up to psoriasis. It is important for me to establish a detailed medical history because skin diseases can have many different causes. Depending on the findings, I will create an individual treatment concept specifically for you.

My treatments are carried out according to the latest scientific findings and using the most advanced medical methods:

    Acne is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous follicles, which primarily affects the face, chest and back. Acne pimples, small cysts are not only unsightly, but also represent a therapeutic need of the medical condition in which I as your dermatologist in Vienna can gladly advise you.

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    An allergy refers to an overreaction of the immune system, to in itself harmless substances. Be it in the Spring due to pollen associated with watery eyes, breathing difficulty (asthma), or itchy rashes or otherwise by unpleasant effects of food intolerances. The allergic reaction can range from slightly annoying for those affected, upto a health hazard.

    Particularly important in this very complex topic are accurate professional medical history, targeted skin tests and blood tests. Once the trigger is isolated, you can start the treatment of the cause. Besides the use of prescription drugs I can if necessary also perform hyposensitizations for my patients to improve the chances for a long-lasting, successful treatment.

    Eczema usually goes hand in hand with dry, flaking, red and itching skin. There are various forms of eczema and also the formation may be induced in different ways. Therefore I offer a careful diagnosis and also possibly allergy tests and blood analysis . Only in this way can a tailor disease treatment concept are created specifically for you.

    Chronic hand eczema was previously usually treated with cortisone creams and / or light therapy (phototherapy). New drugs ( vitamin A acid derivatives ) can heal chronic eczema with high and sustainable effectiveness.

    Individually prescribed medicines as well as proposals for specific skincare play an important role with my treatment concepts and allow for consideration of personal needs in terms of the treatment sequence.

    Hair loss or baldness is not only unsightly, but often also a psychological burden for those affected. As a dermatologist the proper treatment of this disease is particularly important. Again, a thorough medical history and diagnosis is of the utmost importance.

    In addition to a specialist medical assessment, a hormone diagnostic and immunological diagnostic are usually important to prepare a customized treatment.

    Hair loss treatment

    The treatment of hair loss depends on the cause and type of disease. Also special forms of hair loss can be best treated with different methods.

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    With an annual skin cancer screening check, you reduce the possible risk.

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    Excessive sweating , which takes place regardless of the season and is uncontrolled , extremely unpleasant for those affected and often psychologically distressing . This can occur in the shoulders to the hands and feet . After a thorough investigation, which will also be made ​​across disciplines, an internal disease is first excluded. If it is a localized form of hyperhidrosis (eg the shoulders ), several treatment options are considered. In addition to drug therapy for local antiperspirancy and tap water IONTOPHORESIS,  the treatment with botulinum toxin type A shows very good success. Here the drug is highly diluted, injected via very thin needles superficially into the skin.

    Since I worked during my whole training at the University Hospital in Vienna at the specialist outpatient clinic, the treamtent of  this disease is particularly special for me.

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    Infectious diseases of the skin can have different origins. In order to determine whether it is bacteria, viruses , fungi or parasites, initially the complete skin is thouroughly investigated. To confirm the diagnosis smears or skin biopsies can also be taken.

    Since the causes of infectious diseases can be very diverse, therapies are specially designed by me for the individual requirements taking into account the nature and severity of the disease, in order to give my patients the best opportunities for a speedy recovery and to prevent new infections.

    Varicose veins are a common disease with considerable impairments in everyday life. Symptoms such as leg swelling and pain and leg cramps are serious warning signs of a looming disease. The earlier something can be done about it, the better is the chance to prevent long-term consequences and complications such as “open leg” ( ulcer).

    Through my long activity in the vein clinic of the University Hospital, I am familiar with a variety of vein problems and treatment options. For my patients, beside my knowledge and experience with the most advanced forms of therapy, I have also acquired a certification for foam sclerotherapy for fast removal of varicose veins.

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    Nail fungus ( onychomycosis ) is a fungal infection of the fingernails or toenails . About 10 % of the population of Vienna are affected. After the nail fungus has been detected by your dermatologist, a consistent treatment regimen needs to be started, as otherwise even healthy nails can be infected by the spread of the nail fungus. In principle nail fungus can be transferred by contact infection at any time.

    In addition to medical therapy ( local or tablet regimen ), hygienic measures such as pedicure or shoe spray play a crucial role for the effective fight against these stubborn and protracted infections of the nail bed.

    Neurodermatitis ( atopic dermatitis ) is the most common inflammatory, non-contagious skin disease in children in Vienna. It is a type of rash and it can lead to recurrent inflammatory reactions with itching. Adults can also be affected by Neurodermatitis. The reasons for Neurodermatitis or rash are suspected in the fields of genetics, immune disorders and environmental impact.

    As a dermatologist, I see my task – in addition to the treatment, detailed skin care advice and allergy testing in my surgery in Vienna, also in the determination of the trigger of allergies and eczema. The therapeutic approach I create is individually customized and takes into account various aspects of neurodermatitis. Here diverse measures such as strengthening the skin barrier , the treatment of itching, and the consequent avoidance of infections and trigger factors are considered. Quite essential here is also the correct eating habits, which advice I adapt to the patient and the course of therapy.

    Rosacea & Couperose is an acne -like disease of the sebaceous glands rich regions of the face with inflammatory nodules, pustules and enlarged sebaceous glands. Increased facial redness and broken capillaries can be added as features in the case of rosacea.

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    Psoriasis is a chronic, non-contagious skin disease. It shows up at various points of the body as reddish lesions with silvery white scaling. While some patients with psoriasis suffer only localized outbreaks of disease such as the knees, elbows or scalp, the disease can also affect large portions of the skin and nails in other patients. Furthermore, a joint involvement with psoriasis may be associated ( psoriatic arthritis ) .

    Since this is a systemic disease, it may be necessary to make the therapy in my practice in Vienna with an interdisciplinary focus. In addition to the classical therapy with ointments and tablets, I offer my patients the latest treatment concepts with support of medicines from the field Biologics that regulate purposefully certain processes in the body ( excessive secretion of cytokines ). So the chances of an efficient prevention of a full expression of psoriasis and a lasting solution for my patients can be increased. In the beginning there is a detailed medical history and examination prior to initiating therapy.

    Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs are still a taboo topic in our society and connected to unnecessary inhibitions.

    As a specialist for skin and venereal diseases, I offer my patients diagnosis and treatment of all STDs. In this type of disease, it is critical that it is detected early, it is only through timely treatment that long-lasting effects can be prevented .

    Warts are skin growths caused mostly by a virus, that may occur in flat or raised forms. There are in this connection various types of virus, which can be responsible for the occurrence of warts. The most common warts- the Verruca are transmitted by HPV ( human papillomavirus). The annoying and often painful Plantar Warts on the soles of the feet are contagious and therefore in need of therapy. For other forms of warts such as Molluscum contagiosum or condyloma ( genital warts ) I create the right treatment plan for my patients in accordance with the latest findings of science and the most advanced processes.

    The so-called “White spot disease” ( Vitiligo ) is a non-contagious skin disease, which brings unsightly pigmentation problems in the form of white spots on the skin with it. After careful dermatological examination by your dermatologist in Vienna to check for other internal causes such as certain thyroid diseases are excluded, I can determine the correct combination of agents for the treatment . Vitiligo can be triggered by stress , among other things . For example, stress can interfere with the immune system and thereby cause the vitiligo shows symptoms . To participate in my surgery in Vienna give my patients the highest possible chance of therapeutic success , I offer in addition to the topical therapy with ointments also a special treatment in the form of irradiation with UV-B rays .

    Dermatologic surgery

    In the field of dermatologic surgery I look after my patients with the utmost care, performing outpatient surgical procedures under local anesthesia in the operation room in my ordination.

    Before each operation, I advise my patients in detail and answer all questions that are connected to the respective operation providing clear, easy to understand answers.